Interview with Eric Cházaro Cavero by Camie Sands

The delegation from Zacatecas wanted it. Finally it came down to a decision

between San Cristobal de las Casas and San Miguel de Allende, explains Eric Cházaro

owner and broker of Century 21 Charming Realty in San Miguel, who helped reel-in

the prestigious 4th edition of the Symposium de Centros Historicos Y Ciudades

Patrimonio Mundial (Symposium of Historic City Centers and World Heritage Cities)

for San Miguel de Allende, to be held at La Casona Convention Center on August 25

and 26th, open to the public and offering simultaneous translation from Spanish to


“Of course it was our San Miguel team who takes the credit for the decision to award

the symposium to our World Heritage city this time around, says Cházaro, who is a

board member of Mexico’s National AMPI (the Mexican Association of Real Estate

Professionals) the governing body of Realtors in Mexico which has 80 chapters and

is akin to the National Association of Realtors in the United States.

“All of the AMPI members in San Miguel, and our local municipal and state

government were very pleased to be able to host this important symposium. Our

current mayor, Lic. Mauricio Trejo, suggested a change of symposium name and

focus to include world heritage cities, which was well accepted and then expanded

the platform of the symposium. In fact, our municipal government has been

extremely helpful with support for the event and so has the State government,

particularly the Secretary of Tourism by providing funds and logistics.

“Many events such as this are naturally directed to the interests of realtors,

developments and investors but this Symposium will be different in that politicians,

architects and city planers of historic cities are attending as are representatives

from universities and governments. All are seeking to share experiences of success

and failure in the complicted management of historic centers, with an ultimate

focus on taking care of the heritage of each unique city and always generating

stronger communities.

“This Symposium has attracted many high level international speakers. Experts will

give round-tables, panel discussions and lectures, coming from Spain, Chile and

Cuba as well as Mexico. We are expecting guests from as far away Texas and Illinois

and of course from across Mexico.

“There will be 25 sessions during the symposium. One that is very popular is called

‘A proposed solution against insecurity’, during which participants will hear from

AMPI and the National Council of Historical Centers as we propose that recovery

of Historic Centres is generated as a result what our grandparents called the

‘Neighborhood life’ – that European-style neighborhood life is the result of the

combination of urban, social and commercial elements which together generate

citizenship. In turn, the sense of citizenship and social cohesion is the best medicine

against insecurity. If this proposal makes sense to you, you can not afford to miss it.

“Another important talk will be given by the Mayor of Morelia concerning how they

are keeping it one of the safest places in the state and country by involving changes

of land use so more people can live in the city. There will be a round table between

Mayors of historic cities in Mexico through the National Association of World

Heritage Cities. The new president of this association, Carlos Peña, Mayor of

Zacatecas is leading this session and we have confirmed attendance from Mayors of

Morelia, Campeche, and Tlacotalpan (where a street is named after my grandfather’s

grandfather – that city being the landing place of the Cházaros in Mexico, by the


“Concerning a reality coming close to home, Hector Obregon will discuss and take

comments concerning the fact that anyone who wants to work in Real Estate in

Guanajuato will have to take a test and be licensed by the coming year and more,

those entering into Real Estate transactions will be required to pick a licensed agent.

This subject is very relevant to the symposium as it can unfortunately be true that

unlicensed real estate agents don’t have the tools and knowledge and have been

destructive to historic centers such as San Miguel. As I am one of two certifiers, who

went to Chicago to train for this, I know it will be an interesting discussion.

“We expect 400 to 500 people to attend. The cost is $1,100 pesos plus IVA and

includes the opening cocktail party on August 25th plus all day of the conference on

the 26th including lunch. I truly hope that San Miguel citizens will come out and

learn how we are inspired to keep our historic centers and world heritage traditions

safe, sustainable and functioning into the decades to come. We are proud to present

the beauty and charm of San Miguel to all of the participants during this prestigious

event. “

To sign up for the event visit:

Or call or visit the offices of Century 21 Fine Homes & Estates / Charming Reality

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