On August 25 and 26, AMPI will sponsor their fourth Symposium on Historic Centers and Cities with Designation as World Heritage Sites.  This year, the event will be hosted by San Miguel de Allende, designated in 2014 by Conde Nest Traveler as the best city in the world. If you are a real estate agent, an architect, appraiser or simply someone interested in city planning, we are going to give you five reasons why you should not miss this incredible event.

  1. A proposed solution to insecurity.

AMPI and the National Association of Historic Centers promote what our grandparents called “neighborhood living” European style.  Neighborhood living, results when different urban, social and commercial elements are brought together to produce the community within.  At the same time, the feeling of community and social cohesion is the best antidote against insecurity.  If this makes sense to you, then you cannot miss this event.


  1. National and International Conferences.

In addition, the fact that mayors and city officials, charged with the responsibility of procuring designation of Mexican cities as World Heritage Sites, as well as  participation of renowned experts in the field of urban planning both in Mexico and abroad.  Organizations represented at the symposium, as both presenters and participants include:

-The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals AMPI

-Urban Institute for Planning, Statistics and Geography IPLANEG

-International Committee of Museums ICOM

– International Association for Social Tourism OITS

-International Committee of Museums and Sites ICOMOS


  1. Get to Know a Success Story, San Miguel de Allende.

Aside from the learning opportunities offered by the seminars available, this is a great opportunity to visit San Miguel de Allende, enjoy the beautiful streets, the architecture, galleries and international gastronomic pleasures.

A hot air balloon ride where you can partake of the beautiful scenery offered by farms, patios and arcades for which San Miguel de Allende is known; a city established more than 400 years ago.

Enjoy the neighborhood feel that exemplifies San Miguel de Allende which has made it possible to remain as one of the more sought after destination points not only in Mexico but also worldwide.

  1. Mineral De Pozos

Mineral de Pozos is located only 40 minutes from SanMiguel de Allende. It is a place that once enjoyed bonanza and wellbeing generated by an economic boom, only to be devastated later with the same fury and force.

Today, a project is taking shape which is bringing together the federal, state and municipal entities, working hand in hand with private initiatives brought force by private citizens for the purpose of creating a new city based on sound urban planning as its core.


During the event, one of the more central conferences will be a presentation on this very project. If you are interested in getting more information on the topic, you can do so by participating in one of the optional events titled: Symposium of Historic Centers and Cities Designated as World Heritage Sites.


  1. Value for your Money.

AMPI is a nonprofit organization established to promote professionalism among real estate professionals under the voluntary leadership of Venezuelan architect Orlando Araque and gracious sponsors of the event. The informational content offered by this great event far exceeds the monetary cost of participating.

For further information, forms of payment and registration please visit the website