by Gregory Gunter

AMPI—the Mexican association of Realtors—and the National Council of Historical Centers

urge you to join us August 25th and 26th for the locally-hosted 4th annual Symposium of Historic

Centers and World Heritage cities. If you’re Realtor, architect, appraiser or—most

importantly—an SMA resident concerned about topics like urban planning, here’s why you can’t

miss this important event!

The symposium proposes that recovered Historic Centers are generated as a result what our

grandparents called the “neighborhood life.” European-style neighborhood life is the result of the

combination of urban, social, and commercial elements, which together create a community. And

a sense of community always proves the best solution for a secure city.

International speakers and city mayors responsible for managing Mexican World Heritage cities

will be joined by both foreign and Mexican experts in the field of urban planning. Organizations

represented at the symposium through various speakers and presenters include: AMPI, The

Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals; IPLANEG, Planning Institute, Statistics and

Geography; National Council of Historical Centers; Heritage Institute CUBA; ICOM, the

International Committee of Museums; BITS, the International Organization of Social Tourism;

and ICOMOS, the International Committee of Museums and Sites.

While non-resident attendees will enjoy our streets, architecture, galleries and world-class

cuisine, even locals will enjoy the opportunity to ride a hot air balloon for astounding aerial

views of downtown San Miguel.

Nearby Mineral de Pozos hosts a presentation of a project in which federal, state and municipal

government are working with private enterprise, ejido communities and local citizens with the

goal of creating a new city with foundations of urban planning.

Event host AMPI is a nonprofit organization working for professionalization of the real estate

profession. Through volunteer work led by Venezuelan architect Orlando Araque and generous

sponsors of the event, AMPI assures all attendees that the value gained from the symposium far

exceeds the registration cost.

To learn more about the venue, speakers and schedule for the symposium, and to register with an

online payment, please visit our web site at: